• I really trumped that exam.
  • Everything he said was a trump.
  • The dealer said that car had only 50k on the odometer, but he trumped me big time.
  • I just got back the results of my cat scan, and the doctor said that I’m trumped.
  • David, could you please put this bag in the trump and then put the green trump and the brown one out at the curb?
  • Yuck — what’s that bad trump in the fridge?
  • Honey, could you please call the plumber? The trump is backed up again.
  • It says here Harvey Weinstein is appealing his convictions for trumping 17 women.
  • OMG, the stock market just trumped 2,000 points.
  • Baby, I know you wanted to go for a walk but the weather has turned trump.
  • They put up a new high-rise across the street and now my view of the river is trumped.
  • I thought we were getting along so well and then she told me I was a complete trump.
  • Waiter, there’s a trump in my soup.
  • I regret to say that your life line shows a trump in your future — i wouldn’t go out at all for the next few years, if I were you.
  • Reports from Pyongyang said that the negotiations over North Korea’s nuclear arsenal were completely trumped.
  • North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, in what was said to be a paraphrase of Nikita Khruschev’s famous 1956 threat to the West, on state radio said: “We will trump you!”
  • Scientists said a huge trump in the middle of the Pacific Ocean was moving towards Japan and threatened to bury the island nation in gazillions of trump particles.
  • Gizella slipped during ballet class and trumped her ankle.
  • This just in — there’s been a 50-vehicle trump-up on Interstate 90. Traffic is trumped in both directions. Stay tuned for further details.
  • It was a trump night for Arsenal as they were trumped 8-0  by Everton.
  • And the top box office grosser of the weekend was “Tp” about an orange-maned monster who lives in a sewer.
  • That brand is so trump, I wouldn’t buy anything made by them.
  • You’d think that would make the country wake up and do something about gun control, but looks like they’ll just trump it again.

By Michael Roddy

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