En Route: ‘Faux Americana’ sweeps France

ROCAMADOUR, France - So these are the slogans emblazoned on the T-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts that people -- many of them French  -- are wearing in the heavily touristed Perigord region of France this summer: -- "America's Highway Route 66 the Mother Road" -- "University of California Berkeley Deluxe Classics" -- "Authentic 77 Stage Shape…Read more En Route: ‘Faux Americana’ sweeps France

En Route: The sweet life in Perigord

GROLEJAC, France - It looked for the longest time like Agnes Lacoste, a woman with a striking silvery mane, would have no customers for her "Barbe a Papa" (cotton candy) stall at a nighttime "marche gourmand" in the Perigord village of Grolejac. The paella, grilled duck breast and bottles of rose wine were going down…Read more En Route: The sweet life in Perigord