Joyce and the Hungarian connection

Sunday, 16 June 2019 Szombathely might seem an unlikely place to stage a Bloomsday celebration, but James Joyce was careful to weave the Magyar city into Ulysses’s narrative, writes Michael Roddy By Michael Roddy Jun 16, 2019 About a dozen of us, mostly Irish, mostly cold, stood on the wet and windswept main square of…Read more Joyce and the Hungarian connection

Is the Budapest “Ring” Going Up in Flames?

BUDAPEST - Swedish soprano Irene Theorin was beaming backstage after she'd burned down the Valhalla home of the gods at the end of Wagner's "Gotterdammerung", and brought some five hours of singing over three nights in Budapest to a glorious conclusion. "I've now done this brilliant part many times but never in my life in…Read more Is the Budapest “Ring” Going Up in Flames?

Stage Invasion – Ivan Fischer’s “explosive” Beethoven Fifth

Was it an orchestra take over? The audience could have been forgiven for gasping during a performance by the Budapest Festival Orchestra of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony in Budapest this past weekend when two dozen or more young musicians, clutching everything from flutes to violins to double basses, rushed on stage from the wings, without warning,…Read more Stage Invasion – Ivan Fischer’s “explosive” Beethoven Fifth